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In this session Jerome Harvey Agyei will equip you with the tools to empower young people and revolutionise your approach to children in care.
  • Jerome Harvey-Agyei

    Care Experienced, Social Worker 
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This course will be available for 28 days.

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Live training session

What you will learn?  

This live session equips professionals on the front lines of children's social care with the tools to harness the power of youth participation.

You'll learn proven strategies to involve young people in designing and delivering services, fostering collaboration and trust between professionals and youth. This session empowers you to create more responsive systems and programs, all while giving young people a stake in shaping the future of their care.

Learning Outcomes
  Proven methods to engage young people in decision-making.

  How to involve young people in service design and development.

  Techniques to build trust and foster collaboration between young people and professionals.

  Facilitate meaningful youth participation in your work environment.

  Develop programs and services that are truly responsive to the needs of young people in care.

  Advocate for systemic change that prioritises youth voices
Meet your facilitator

Jerome Harvey-Agyei

Jerome, a care leaver from East London, embodies a spirit of love and communication. As a Co-Founder of 'The Tope Project', Senior Children & Youth Participation Officer at the Greater London Authority, and a radio host, Jerome’s sessions are infused with creativity and a deep commitment to youth participation. 

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Patrick Jones - Course author
Who Should attend

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School Staff

Social Workers & Frontline Staff

Foster Carers &
Residential Staff

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Children's Services

Join us and make a lasting positive impact on the lives of children in care!

What our learners say about us  

I've always believed in the power of youth participation in decision-making processes. This session encouraged me to arrange for a tutor for our young people and involve them in discussions about their education. This session reinforced my commitment to promoting youth participation and ensuring that young people have a say in matters that affect their lives
Fostering Services
This session reminded me to be open and honest with young people and to actively listen to their needs and concerns. By incorporating youth participation into my caregiving approach, I can better support them in navigating their experiences and empower them to take control of their lives

foster carer
The training session highlighted the importance of considering how children feel in big meetings and empowering them to contribute. It encouraged me to sit down with young people before review meetings to see if they has anything to share, enabling them to advocate for themselves. 

Social Worker


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