LIVE: Virtual Training Session

Unlocking Potential: Helping Connection-Seeking Children Heal 

This impactful live session, facilitated by lived-experience leader Karylle Phillips, will equip you with the tools to understand and support “connection-seeking children” who have experienced trauma.

  • Karylle Phillips,

    Lived Experience Leader
  • 20th June 2024

  • Virtual

    Via Zoom
  • 15:30

    Twilight hour
  • Recorded

    Available for 28 days.
Please Not: This Webinar will begin at exactly 3:30pm - you will see the waiting screen until then.
Live training session

What you will learn?  

This session will explore the journey of a looked after child through a trauma informed lens delivered by a lived experience leader.

Through engaging storytelling and interactive discussions, we'll uncover the impacts of parental loss and separation, inconsistent caregivers, and the absence of potential seeking adults on the surviving and developing child.

Learn how children who have experienced trauma navigate education, build healthy relationships, and develop a positive sense of self when practitioners provide psychological safety in all services children and young people encounter.

Learning Outcomes
  Understand the behaviours exhibited by children in care navigating "survival mode" and how trauma impacts their development.

  Recognise the effects of parental loss, inconsistent caregivers, and the absence of "potential-seeking adults" on children's outlooks.

  Identify powerful strategies to support looked-after children in education, building healthy relationships, and developing positive self-esteem.

 Learn how to create safe connections that foster healing throughout a child's journey in and out of care.
Meet your facilitator

Karylle Phillips

Karylle has extensive experience working for over a decade within children's social care and in education settings, promoting children's rights, spreading awareness of youth participation strategies, and raising the educational attainment, expectations and creating diversionary pathways for children in care and care experienced young people. 

Price: £20 (discounted rate available for full-year memberships)

Patrick Jones - Course author
Who Should attend

Our Online Training is For:

Teachers &
School Staff

Social Workers & Frontline Staff

Foster Carers &
Residential Staff

Anyone in
Children's Services

Join our LIVE session and make a lasting positive impact on the lives of children in care!

What our learners say about us  

Recognising the impact of unconscious bias has transformed my approach. Now, I see beyond the surface, understanding that a child's true essence extends far beyond what's written on paper.

I appreciated the emphasis on being mindful of the language we use, which can have a profound impact. I left the session with a renewed commitment to consider the words I use and their effect, both personally and professionally. I look forward to incorporating these insights into my practice

social worker
Attending this session was eye-opening. I learned how unconscious bias can affect our perception of children and how important it is to look beyond what's written about young people. The emphasis on not judging a book by its cover resonated deeply with me. I'm inspired to apply these insights to better support children in school and social work settings.
Social Worker


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