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From Lived and Professional Experience Facilitators.

The Care Leaders Online has been designed to be an easy to use e-learning platform that is accessible and ready to provide learning at the touch of a button.

Lived and Professional Experience

Our training bridges the gap between theory and real-life, giving you knowledge that easily relates to practice.


We have renowned and influential facilitators from across the children's services and beyond.

Live and On-Demand

Learn at your own pace, with on-demand courses and live sessions to fit your busy schedule.

Practical Tools

Every session gives you practical evidence-based tools designed to help you best support children.

Interactive Learning

Our courses include interactive workbooks, quizzes, downloadable resources and podcasts. 

Downloadable Lessons

We give you downloadable lessons, with plans and materials so you can facilitate conversations with your teams.

Online Community

This is not just training, members join our online community to share good practice and connect with their peers.

CPD Accredited

Access CPD accredited courses with and automatically receive your certificate within 28 days of completion. 

Meaningful Knowledge

Attachment Aware 

We understand the importance of attachment and relationships. Our training helps you understand the theory of attachment and how it influences how young people form relationships


One in five young people experience adverse childhood experiences. This training gives you the knowledge about how this influences a young persons behaviour and how to respond to it.


All our training gives you practical, evidence-based tools that can be used straight away. These tools are designed to best equip you for the day-to-day support you provide to young people.


We are story tellers. Every single training session you attend will provide you stories to put life into theory, making it easy to relate your learning to real-life.

Hear the impact of our training

What our learners say

Suzanne Parrot

Director of Education, 
Achieving for Children

"They inspire us to make small changes that can make a real difference. The training provided by Luke and his team is filled with useful information, presented in an engaging and thoughtful way. It has positively impacted professionals' skills and development, enabling them to support vulnerable children through therapeutic and inclusive approaches."

Clare Houlton

Virtual School Head,

''This training motivates and challenges professionals to transform lives and shape futures. Staff in schools feel much more confident in understanding the needs of care-experienced young people, using improved language and providing a more empathetic service. The training equips them with knowledge and tools for topics such as attachment, trauma, and social care."

Dr Lisa Garforth

Educational Psychologist,

''The training has significantly improved staff's understanding of care-experienced young people's needs, providing them with the language and knowledge to create a safer and more empathetic environment. They now approach topics such as attachment, trauma, and social care with confidence and apply their knowledge when working with young people." 

Suzanne Winter

Virtual School Head,

''The training is appropriate, accessible, and offers multiple options for professional development. The authenticity of the speakers and trainers, combined with unique materials and activities, sets them apart from other providers. Delegates who attended our sessions expressed positive feedback, with 100% wanting to further develop their knowledge and understanding.''

Leslea Markwick

Deputy Virtual School Head, 
East Sussex

''They are creative, forward-thinking, and continuously evolve their work to stay current and relevant. The training sessions, delivered through storytelling, have a powerful impact on changing the way professionals think and act. As a result of the training, educational professionals  now see the behaviour of care-experienced children and young people differently." 

Rachel Anderson

Care Professional,
Xavier Catholic School

"Luke and his team are exceptional speakers. Since the training, our staff are more confident, empowered, and calm in supporting children. The pupils are receiving better relationships, empathy, and support in regulating their emotions. The training has equipped our staff with practical tools and a different approach that emphasises understanding, nurturing, and trauma-informed care while maintaining consistent boundaries."

Amy Barker

Safeguard Lead
Green Lane Primary Academy

"Even from the initial stages of signing up to the training, interactions felt personal and extremely accommodating. The training from Luke is incredible. The difference from listening to someone who has experienced care to someone that hasn't is very apparent. The way Luke delivers his sessions makes me want to do better with every interaction I have with children".

Rae Akehurst

Inclusion Lead,
The Wells Free School

"The Care Leaders training is one of the best pieces of CPD I have been on in a long time. I have actually taken actions away from the sessions and implemented changes that have impacted on children's school experiences. I feel much more confident in my own ability to make positive changes."