LIVE: Virtual Training Session

Growing Up In Care
Lived Experience

Scott King will take learners through his own personal experiences.

Every move, every hardship, all the ups and all the downs from his perspective as a child and as an adult looking back.

  • Scott King

    Lived Experience Leader & Trainer 
  • 22nd August 2024

  • Virtual

    Via Zoom
  • 15:30

    Twilight hour
  • Recorded

    Available for 28 days.
*Webinar will begin at exactly 3:30pm - you will see the waiting screen until then.
Live training session

What you will learn?  

Scott will take learners through his own personal experiences. Every move, every hardship, all the ups and all the downs from his perspective as a child and as an adult looking back.

By understanding Scott and his brother Ben's journeys it will give learners a better insight into how a journey though care and trauma can feel and what it is like in the shoes of a child in care. From this new level of understanding, learners can better understand the children they work for and think differently about the decisions they make.

Learning Outcomes
  A reflective journey of life in care

  Reflecting on behaviours and what caused them

  Helpful and not so helpful responses from adults

  How trauma causes certain feelings and behaviours

  The importance of building self-esteem and self-worth

  The child’s narrative and how that differs from the observed narrative

  Sibling trauma bonds

  Prevailing in the face of adversity

  The impact of multiple placement moves

  Tips on how to improve a young persons overall experience of care
Meet your facilitator

Scott King

With a personal journey through the care system, Scott King offers an authentic and powerful perspective. His role as a lived experience facilitator helps bridge the gap between theory and real-life, enriching our training with real-world insights and empathy.

Price: £20 (discounted rate available for full-year memberships)

Patrick Jones - Course author
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Teachers &
School Staff

Social Workers & Frontline Staff

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Children's Services

Join our LIVE session and make a lasting positive impact on the lives of children in care!

What our learners say about us  

These sessions helped me gain a deeper understanding of child behaviour and development. From learning about the four different ages and social development stages to decoding behaviour triggers, this platform provided invaluable insights that have transformed my approach to managing behaviour.

I find this course to be an essential resource for enhancing communication and support strategies. The course on transitions and trauma highlighted the importance of forward planning, while the PACES communication toolkit has equipped me with practical tools to effectively engage with students. This platform truly empowers leaders to create positive learning environments.

social worker
This platform has been instrumental in empowering me as a virtual school leader. From understanding the theory behind behaviour to addressing age bias and involving children in decision-making, this platform offers comprehensive resources that have elevated my leadership skills. I highly recommend it to anyone looking to make a meaningful impact in the lives of their students
Virtual School Leader


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