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More Than An
ACE Score

During this session Andy Smith will talk about Adverse Childhood Experiences, and why he firmly believes EVERYONE can be MORE than their ace score and ACHIEVE despite the adversity of early life trauma.

  • Andy Smith

    Lived Experience Leader, Mentor
  • 19th September 2024

  • Virtual

    Via Zoom
  • 15:30

    Twilight hour
  • Recorded

    Available for 28 days.
*Webinar will begin at exactly 3:30pm - you will see the waiting screen until then.
Live training session

What you will learn?  

This session explores Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACES), their impact on development, but also their potential to be overcome.

Andy will share his personal story and a powerful video to illustrate how acceptance, support, purpose, and accountability can become the key to building resilience in both yourself and the children you work with. You'll learn to believe in every child's potential to thrive, regardless of their background.

Learning Outcomes
 Participants to have a better understanding of ACES and the impacts this has on children 

 Understanding how ACES and trauma may impact connection and relationships 

 Increase your understanding of working with challenging behaviours 

 Understand the importance of accessing support and being resilient as a profession. 

 Learn ways to improve and enhance a connection when supporting children 

 Understanding how our own resilience and how our approach can help children believe 

 Seeing children through a lens of HOPE rather than through a lens of a label someone else has placed on them 

 Participants will have a better understanding of protective factors that can help prevent ACES and different strategies to help build resilience 

  Learning from a lived experience lens 
Meet your facilitator

Andy Smith

Andy and Matt Smith, Directors of Smash Life and brothers with lived experiences in the care system, bring a powerful narrative of resilience and advocacy. Their journey, marked by challenges post-care, informs their approach to supporting others who have faced similar experiences. 

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Patrick Jones - Course author
Who Should attend

Our Online Training is For:

Teachers &
School Staff

Social Workers & Frontline Staff

Foster Carers &
Residential Staff

Anyone in
Children's Services

Join us and make a lasting positive impact on the lives of children in care!

What our learners say about us  

I've always believed in the power of youth participation in decision-making processes. This session encouraged me to arrange for a tutor for our young people and involve them in discussions about their education. This session reinforced my commitment to promoting youth participation and ensuring that young people have a say in matters that affect their lives
Fostering Services
This session reminded me to be open and honest with young people and to actively listen to their needs and concerns. By incorporating youth participation into my caregiving approach, I can better support them in navigating their experiences and empower them to take control of their lives

foster carer
The training session highlighted the importance of considering how children feel in big meetings and empowering them to contribute. It encouraged me to sit down with young people before review meetings to see if they has anything to share, enabling them to advocate for themselves. 

Social Worker


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