Adverse Childhood

Adverse Childhood Experiences and Parenting Styles is a comprehensive and CPD-accredited training session that delves into the impact of adverse childhood experiences (ACEs) on children and young people.
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What you will learn...

Join us for a transformative journey into the world of Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) and Parenting Styles in our comprehensive and CPD-accredited training session.

Grounded in lived experiences and theoretical frameworks, this course highlights the profound impact of ACEs on children and young individuals. Gain insights into trauma, parenting styles, attachment development, and behavioral patterns, empowering you to foster resilience and support positive outcomes.

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Learning outcomes

Unveiling ACEs:

  Understanding Trauma: Explore the intricate effects of various adverse childhood experiences on the emotional, cognitive, and behavioural development of children and young people. Delve into the neuroscience behind trauma and its implications on overall well-being and future trajectories.

  Parenting Styles' Influence: Investigate the link between parenting styles and attachment development, learning patterns, and behaviour. Learn from lived experiences, understanding how different parenting approaches shape a child's growth and relational abilities.

Addressing Domestic Violence:

  Cycle of Abuse: Examine domestic violence as a significant ACE, dissecting its impact on young individuals. Gain insights into the cycle of abuse, understanding how it shapes perceptions of threat and stress, triggering brain and body responses.
  Survival Mechanisms: Explore the coping mechanisms and adaptations employed by young people in abusive environments. Understand the complexities of their experiences and how they construct their understanding of parental roles amidst adversity.

Patrick Jones - Course author

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