Children's Social Care & School: The Demands of School & Social Care

This CPD-accredited training session aims to help participants recognise the clashes and adverse impacts that occur between social care and school systems, with a focus on the impact this has on the well-being and educational achievements of young people. 
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What you will learn...

Dive into the complexities of young lives caught between "Children’s Social Care and School" in our comprehensive and CPD-accredited training session.

Uncover the clashes and adverse impacts, focusing on the well-being and educational achievements of young individuals.

This course arms participants with lived experience insights, theory-based approaches, trauma-aware strategies, and effective communication tools to navigate the demands of both social care and school systems.

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Learning outcomes

Bridging the Gaps:

  Theory in Action: Explore theory-based approaches to enhance the educational outcomes of young people. Understand the intersections between social care and school systems, gaining insights to address challenges and create a supportive learning environment.
  Attachment & Trauma-Aware Management: Emphasise attachment and trauma-aware approaches to behaviour management. Develop practical skills to recognize and respond to unmet attachment needs, fostering a nurturing environment for positive behavior.
  Empowering Communication: Acquire essential communication tools to support effective behaviour management. Learn strategies that empower young people, promote self-regulation, and cultivate positive relationships.

Navigating Challenges:

  Impact of Interventions: Delve into the consequences of exclusion, reduced timetables, and behavioural management on vulnerable young individuals. Discuss strategies to support them in overcoming these challenges, ensuring their well-being and educational success.

Patrick Jones - Course author

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