The Impact of Recording & Communication

This session explores how unconscious bias influences the case notes we write, the way we communicate, and the decisions we make for children with a social worker. 
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What you will learn...

As practitioners, we strive to support children facing challenges. But even our best intentions can be clouded by unconscious bias, impacting how we record, communicate, and ultimately, shape their story.

This CPD-accredited session isn't just about theory. It's a journey guided by those who've seen the impact firsthand – lived experience facilitators who have navigated the care system.

Walk alongside individuals who have experienced the sting of stigma and the power of inclusive communication. Their stories will resonate with you on a deeper level, sparking empathy and understanding and provide you with new tools to communicate effectively. 

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Learning outcomes
Building Bridges, not Walls: 

  Master evidence-based tools: Learn proven strategies to break free from bias, raise aspirations, and empower young people to reach their full potential. 

  Craft empowering language: Explore the weight of words. Discover how framing narratives and choosing inclusive language can dismantle stereotypes and foster belonging.  

  Become a champion of change: Develop the skills to advocate for young people, challenge stigma, and create a safe and supportive environment where all voices are heard.

This isn't just a session, it's a movement. Join us as we:  

  Break the cycle of stigma: Learn from lived experiences and work together to rewrite the narrative for children in care.   

  Embrace inclusive practices: Foster a culture of understanding and acceptance within social work systems.  

  Empower the next generation: Equip yourself with the tools and knowledge to make a lasting difference in the lives of young people.
Patrick Jones - Course author

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