Messages in Behaviour: What Children Are Really Telling Us 

This session guides you through how behaviours are formed and reinforced, and how young people develop an understanding of what’s right and wrong. We will explore how conflicts in a child's home life can impact their behaviour in school. 
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What you will learn...

Children's behavior can be a puzzle. Tantrums, outbursts, withdrawal – but what are they really trying to tell us?

Join us for "Messages in Behaviour: What Children Are Really Telling Us," a CPD-accredited session where you'll learn to decode those hidden messages.

This isn't just theory. You'll gain exclusive insights from individuals who've experienced the care system firsthand. Their powerful stories will illuminate the emotional landscapes behind children's actions, giving you a deeper understanding than any textbook ever could.

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Learning outcomes
Uncover the Messages in Behaviour:  

  Hear their voices: Immerse yourself in real-life narratives showcasing the unique challenges and complexities children face within the care system. These firsthand accounts will resonate on a deeper level, fostering empathy and understanding.

  Go beyond tantrums: Learn to interpret the hidden messages behind disruptive behaviour. Discover how factors like trauma, attachment issues, and social pressures can shape children's actions.  

  Empower their expression: Master the PACE approach – Playfulness, Acceptance, Curiosity, and Empathy – to build trust, nurture communication, and create safe spaces for children to express themselves freely.

Building Bridges, not Walls:

  Bridging the gaps: Navigate the communication divide between parents, teachers, and the care system. Develop collaborative strategies to advocate for children's needs and ensure holistic support.  

  Transforming school systems: Analyse different behaviour management approaches used in schools, and explore alternative strategies based on lived experience insights. Learn to be a catalyst for positive change.  

  Unlocking communication secrets: Explore powerful communication techniques and theories like transactional analysis. Hone your skills to connect authentically with children and build stronger relationships.
Patrick Jones - Course author

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