Relationships - The People and Services within Children's Social Care

This session  delves into the experiences of children in need and those on the edge of care, providing a comprehensive understanding of the support provided to these vulnerable young people. Participants will explore various aspects of social care support. Starting with an examination of support for families, participants will gain insights into the services and interventions aimed at strengthening families. 
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What you will learn...

Dive into the heart of children's social care with "Relationships - The People and Services within Children's Social Care," a comprehensive CPD-accredited training session offering valuable insights into the support young people receive from social care.

This transformative course aims to enhance participants' understanding of social care support types and the lived experiences of young individuals navigating the system.

Additionally, the session explores the lived experiences of young people entering, living in, and leaving care. Participants will gain valuable insights into the challenges, emotions, and unique circumstances faced by young people within the care system. By understanding their experiences, participants will be better equipped to provide effective support and foster positive relationships.

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Learning outcomes

Understanding Social Care Support:

  Insights into Support: Explore the reasons why young people receive support from social care and gain a nuanced understanding of the diverse types of social care support available. Delve into interventions aimed at strengthening families and supporting vulnerable young individuals.

Lived Experiences in Care:

  Challenges and Circumstances: Delve into the experiences of young people entering, living in, and leaving care. Gain valuable insights into their challenges, emotions, and unique circumstances, empowering participants to provide effective support and foster positive relationships.

Navigating Relationships:

  Roles and Professionals: Explore the various roles and professionals within social care, understanding the complexities of managing relationships in this field, particularly for young people. Identify strategies to improve relationships and support networks within the social care system.

Support Strategies:

  Empowering Support: Develop strategies for effectively supporting young people within the social care system, fostering positive relationships, and providing appropriate guidance. Equip yourself with the tools to navigate complex situations and empower young individuals to thrive.

Addressing Challenges in Schools:

  Impact of Social Care Meetings: Understand the challenges social care meetings pose in schools and learn strategies to respond effectively to behaviour influenced by these meetings. Create a supportive and understanding environment for young people navigating social care interactions in educational settings.

Patrick Jones - Course author

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